You're Nobody Until Somebunny Loves You

Sam and Dan have settled into married/bonded life quite well. They share everything now and go everywhere together. It's almost as if they have an invisible tether connecting them, they never go very far from each other. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for this. How thankful I am for these bunnies.

Sam and Dan have brought so much joy to my life. They have taught me so much about love. I had never had my own pet until I got Sam. I was 23. 
I never thought I could possibly become so attached to an animal. I thought those people who really loved their pets were weird. I just had no idea. I had no idea how much love a small furry creature could give you with one look or nuzzle. I had no idea the comfort I would find just in their presence. I had no idea how proud I could be when my abused and battered babies thrived and grew. I had no idea how much my heart would grow when the boy who can barely bathe himself struggles to give his adoring bunny girlfriend a bath.

I may have rescued these bunnies from horrible lives, but they rescued me too.

These last 2 years were so hard for me personally. I went through a devastating separation and divorce, lost almost all my possessions and money, lost my home and got diagnosed with a debilitating disease. But I persevered. I crawled back out of the darkness. I moved halfway across the country and started all over again. 
At 27, I hope I have gained some wisdom from my mistakes. Through it all Sam has stuck with me and loved me no matter what. I know it sounds stupid, but I couldn't have done it without her. When things were so dark and I didn't know how we would make it out, she gave me strength. I don't know what took me so long to finally take the leap and adopt another rabbit, but I am so glad we did. She and I are so much better for it. Dan just constantly reminds me of the power of perseverance. We have been through so much heartbreak, the three of us, but we  have come through it happier and healthier. We are ready to fill our life together with as much love and happiness as possible.

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